Take inspiration from the vibrant pop art and colourful aspect of the politically charged 60’s.

Sister Corita’s Summer of Love on display at the Ian Potter Museum of Art will take you on a journey through the life and work of Corita Kent. Corita Kent, better known as Sister Corita a Roman Catholic nun, from 1936 to 1968. Living, studying, and teaching at the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Los Angeles. As the head of the art department at the school (1964 to 1968). Known as an influential figure in the Catholic Church, encouragement by the Church (Vatican II)

A major figure of 1960’s counter culture. LA Times chose her as one of their ‘Women of the Year’ and Harper’s Bazaar included her in their ‘100 American Women of Accomplishment’. She was seen on the cover of Newsweek under the banner ‘The Nun: Going Modern’. In 1968, Kent left Immaculate Heart and moved to Boston, living out her life until 1986.

A love of community and a passion for art, Sister Corita’s Summer of Love is a feast for the eyes and soul.

Colourful and celebratory screen printed poster pieces display Sister Corita’s Catholic faith. Combining her social justice mission and love of pop culture. Her approach to art takes signs and slogans, popular song lyrics. Utilising billboards, product packaging and magazine advertising. Over these were messages of joy, faith, love, the power of God.

Her art demonstrates a protest against the political crises of the times. Including the civil rights movement, Indo-China and South-East Asia wars. As well as the assassinations of America’s political leaders. In alignment with great preachers, her artworks and their messages can communicate to everybody.

Sister Corita’s Summer of Love is created by the Sister Corita Art Center, Immaculate Heart Community, Los Angeles CA (US).


Address: 800 Swanston St, Carlton
Opening hours: Tues-Fri 10am-5pm; Sat-Sun 12-5pm
Price: Free
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