When you walk into the Ian Potter’s high ceilinged space the first thing that hits you in the Nithiyendran collection is an overwhelming wall of colour. The Sydney sider’s ceramic pieces are colourful explosions of misshapen humanesque figures –gender fluid to Hughley endowed they bring a sense of wonder and childlike curiosity to the foreground.

The walls of the exhibition are covered in scrawled images that enhance the pieces on display, bringing the view into a world that appears on the initial entrance as if a child went crazy with chalk and paint. Nithiyendran explores through his art that artists are creators of worlds and the longer you spend in the exhibition the more wondrous this world becomes.

Standing among the pieces and letting your mind wonder beyond societies expectations of gender, aesthetics and values is a delight that many artist fail to convey.

Photo Credit: Christian Capurro

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