Fashion Revolution week runs from April 24 to April 30. It is a week to celebrate and educate on conscious fashion. Fashion’s biggest problem is what happens to clothes after they leave the store. Environmentally conscious fashionista’s are seeking more responsible clothing options. It comes as no surprise that retailers and designers are starting to take notice of the trend.

The Clothes Loop is the first Australian brand that gives it’s customers the option to trade their unwanted fashion. When customers fall out of love with their frocks, they can jump online to The Clothes Loop’s swapping marketplace. The retailer matches fellow shoppers based on their past purchases and their sizing. Creating a perfect targeted market that their customers can trade in.

“6,000 kg of fashion is thrown out every 10 minutes in Australia.”

“The biggest barrier in trading clothes is finding someone who wants your item and has something worth trading” says founder, Rose Duong. “What better way to find the perfect pair than to match people who have shopped at the same place”.

This means clothes lovers are able to try the latest styles without sacrificing wardrobe space. At a fraction of the cost of buying new, whilst keeping clothing out of landfills.

Fashion Clothes Loop Melbourne FashionThe Clothes Loop approach is different from other fashion similar platforms. They target their own customer base, which creates a self sustaining trade base with customers of their online store.

“We don’t want to cater to all clothing as it is hard to manage the quality and the shopping experience. So instead we wanted this marketplace to be contained in its own ecosystem. This way we have greater control in the products being traded and we can give people extra security in their transactions’, says Duong, ‘The idea is to make swapping feel like shopping.’

The Clothes Loop is driven by the idea of showing the world that fashion doesn’t have to go hand in hand with wasteful consumption. It’s possible for everyone of all budgets to have an amazing wardrobe and be sustainable at the same time.

In line with Fashion Revolution Week, The Clothes Loop want to celebrate the meaningful side of fashion and its power to drive change. Fashion Revolution asks one simple question: #whomademyclothes? The Clothes Loop response is to launch their new and environmentally conscious approach. If you want to see a new approach to fashion and see what the team are cooking up, check out the following details:

When: Friday, 21st April, 6pm until late,
Where: 34 Breese St. Brunswick
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