Anti-Gravity will take you away.

Anti-Gravity by Chunky Move brings audiences to a heavenly place. The critically acclaimed Melbourne dance group joins forces with Singaporean artist Ho Tzu Nyen. Keeping the spirit of past Chunky Move performances alive, the visual feast will leave you awe struck.

Using Ho Tzu Nyen’s research for his multi-channel 2011 work “The Cloud of Unknowing”. The performance uses gravity-bound bodies with the changing cloud. Choreography performed by six dancers takes a journey that is confronting as well as beautiful. Performers transform from celestial creatures to terrestrial warriors. As the clouds swell and dissipate, bodies are caught between stillness and elevation, becoming the vessels of our own imagination.

A performance to leave you breathless.

Uniting the refinement and highly physical choreography of Anouk van Dijk and the meticulous aesthetic of Ho Tzu Nyen. Anti-Gravity immerses audience in the performance. A graphic world filled with by extraordinary dancers, in various levels of control and freedom. Chunky Move is a main stay on the Melbourne Dance scene. This performance is one that should not be missed by fans of the dance group.

The performance is part of the Asia TOPA festival and Dance Massive 2017.


Address: 113 Sturt St, Southbank

Price: $30-$45

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